Ready for winter?

(NBC News)  While much of the country is still enjoying summer-like temperatures, others are already seeing early season snow.

Either way, now is the time of year to start winterizing your home.

Angie Hicks of “Angie’s List” advises you to perform an exterior check-up of your home.

“Check your roof, make sure you don’t have any lose shingles and its in good repair. And also, don’t neglect your gutters because you don’t want to end up with ice dams because your gutters are full and ice is accumulating,” she says.

Experts also recommend re-caulking or weather-stripping all doors and windows, a move that could cut 10-percent from your average monthly heating bill.

Lowering your thermostat back five to eight degrees during the day while you’re not home can also save as much as 10-percent a year.

And get that furnace serviced now, before the cold weather hits and companies get busy.

Still, the biggest threat to your home this winter may not be the cold.

“A homeowners worst enemy is water,” Hicks points out. “So the most important thing to know is where the main shut-off valve is for the water in your house because if you have frozen pipes you want to get to that quickly and get the problem shut off.”

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