Kansas Supreme Court called to decide over ballot dispute with Kobach and Taylor

For about an hour the seven-members of the supreme court listened to the attorneys.

It all boiled down, however, to a simple question: Did Chad Taylor submit the proper paperwork to have his name removed as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. His attorney argued he did…

“A declaration must be in writing,” said Pardo Irigonegaray. “This statute simply does not make that requirement, nor does it require that facts be given in support of the delaration.”

The Secretary of State’s attorney says no he did not. The request was denied because Taylor failed to meet the requirements of state laws.

“All he had to do was say those magic works…I am incapable of serving and fulfilling the office of duty if elected,” said Kris Kobach, Secretary of State.

Taylor arguing another candidate’s name was taken off of the ballot on a similar request—Kobach says it wasn’t similar, that candidate gave a reason for withdrawing.

Outside the court, neither Taylor nor his attorney would talk with reporters – Kobach was not so shy.

“If I had not enforced the statute then I would be saying to the people of Kansas I don’t care what the legislature did ill do whatever seems reasonable to me,” says Kobach.

The justices peppered both sides with questions… then announced they’ll consider making a ruling sometime in the future – no time frame was given.

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