Shawnee County Cold Case still unsolved 7 months later, family seeks answers

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office needs help in solving the death of George Winter.

He was involved in a hit and run on February 15, but the family and authorities are still looking for answers. George Winter’s body was found in the roadway near SE Howard Drive and Croco Road. Seven months into the investigation of his death, that’s about all they know.

crime stoppers

“I’m a mom without answers. I can’t answer my daughters, my grandchildren, my sisters or my nieces and nephews,” Winter’s mother, Cindy Taylor says.

It’s frustrating for detectives as well.

“You have to be honest with them and say, ‘Listen, we’ve hit a brick wall, there’s just nothing else we can do.’ ” says Capt. Philip Higdon.

“That’s the hardest part. Not having an explanation.” says Winter’s sister, Elizabeth White.

“A lot of different emotions. And anger’s one of them. I’ll be honest, I’m angry. I’m angry my son is gone. I don’t know who to be angry at.” says Taylor.

Officers and the family are still asking someone to come forward with information about that night.

“Please step forward, help us to find peace.” says Taylor.

Anyone with information may call Det. Clemmons at (785)251-2254.  Citizens wishing to provide an anonymous tip may call Crime Stoppers at (785)234-0007.

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