Talking energy at the Expocentre

File Photo

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The “Kansas Energy Conference” is underway, people from all over Kansas are here talking about produce energy and save money.

Everything from bio-fuels to wind power, natural gas to solar.

“There are great opportunities for Kansas to be a leader in a lot of the different areas in terms of energy we just need to understand that,” says Warren Adams-Leavitt, exec. Dir. Metropolitan Energy Center.

One option getting lots of interest, especially in windy Kansas, are the wind turbine generating systems.

Large companies, farmer and even schools are looking into it.

Still, the up-front costs of putting in a wind turbine system are expensive.

The cost of solar panels like these has dropped dramatically in recent years, and today’s panels do a better job of generating electricity.

The state also offers a variety of solar tax credits and exemptions it’s more affordable.

“Easy to maintain, it can go in very inconspicuous places. Usually on a roof top or on a ground mount,” says Michelle Milburn at Stanion Wholesale Electric Co.

The conference runs through Wednesday noon at the Kansas Expocentre.

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