Greg Orman speaks at Washburn

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A U.S. Senate candidate is pushing to get more college students to the polls in November. Independent candidate Greg Orman made his pitch at Washburn University.

“I think it’s very important, midterms are important and I try to tell everyone that,” Washburn student Quintin Todd says.

It’s why Todd was among the hundred or so students stopped in to hear Orman speak. Orman wanted to explain his stand on education and also urge them to get out and vote in a non-presidential election.

“You know every student in Kansas should take an interest in this election and all elections because ultimately this election is about the country that they’re going to inherit,” Orman says.

Kansas First News’ political analyst Bob Beatty made sure his political science students were in the audience.

“Anything that can get them interested in an off year election such as a candidate coming to campus whether it’s Pat Roberts or Greg Orman is really a plus,” Beatty says.

What’s unknown is how many of these students think like Todd.

“Voting for your local congressmen is vital,” Todd says.

Orman says he just wants college students to go out and vote, even if it’s not for him. He says he’s committed to making college affordable.

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