Stem Cells and regenerative medicine help Kansans

An up close look at stem cells.

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – If you’ve got arthritis, a new facility in Manhattan may be able to help. For the first time in Kansas stem cells are being used to try and make life easier.

“My hope is that I’ll get the use of my left hand back,” says Gary Walters a patient at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center. “I’m five months into it now and we’re looking forward to the results that are going to be coming down the road.” The left side of his body suffers from paralysis, so when he heard that a new stem cell therapy might help him, he was ready to give it a chance.

“We’ve helped a lot of people so far,” says Patrick Farley, CEO of Kansas Arthritis.

The center is the first in the Midwest to use stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged cells, Farley says this is the only center that is able to stand alone doing stem cells.

The procedure essentially takes healthy fat cells from one part of your body and puts them in another. Those using the therapy say it’s especially helpful in cases of arthritis or joint issues at the hips and wrists.

But Farley, wants people to remember that “not every patient experiences the same results.”

Many of those who’ve had the treatment say aside from some slight pain they experience an odd feeling that their body is doing “something.”

Physical therapist dr. Jeff Mathis and owner of Mathis Rehab Centers says that “A third of patients that come in say I’m really glad that I did this, I can tell that I’m a lot better.”

Doctors say it’s not a cure all, and it’s not a quick fix… “It can take up to 6 to 8 months for some joints to show improvement,” says Dr. Frank C. Lyons at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center.

For patients like Walters, the stem cell treatment is worth the wait, “Hope and change, that’s how I would sum it up.”

Word of the center’s work is spreading; patients have come to Manhattan from as far away as Georgia and New York.

To find out more about Stem Cell Treatment click here.

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