Kansas Dems accuse Brownback administration of ‘selling pornography’

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley accused the administration of Governor Sam Brownback of “selling pornography” late Wednesday, escalating the war of words between the political parties leading up to the November General Election.

Hensley, in a written statement, referred to a Topeka Capital-Journal report that the Kansas Department of Revenue is selling the assets of a Kansas-based chain of sex shops after those assets were seized in a series of raids on five stores in four counties in July. Those stores operated under the name Bang.

At that time assets and inventory of the company, United Outlets LLC, were seized after the company’s owner Larry Minkoff, failed to pay nearly $164,000 in state taxes. Those assets are now being sold by the Department of Revenue in an on-line auction to recover the money owed the state.

Hensley, reacting to the article, stated “Brownback is so desperate to fill the massive hole in the state budget caused by his reckless income tax cuts that the state of Kansas is now in the porn business.”

“This is the same governor whose supporters spent this past week attacking his opponent for a strip club incident that happened 16 years ago,” continued Hensley.

Hensley was referring to a week-end story in which Democratic gubernatorial nominee Paul Davis was swept up in a 1998 drug raid at a Kansas City strip club. Davis has admitted he was in the club at the time of the raid, was questioned and later released without being charged. That sequence was verified by law enforcement who participated in the raid.

“Davis’ behavior, said Kansas GOP Executive Director Clay Barker Sunday, “demonstrates a total lack of judgment and is the kind of behavior that Kansans will find totally unacceptable in someone who wants to be governor,”

Neither the State Republican Party nor the Brownback campaign have issued a response, at this time, to Hensley’s comments.

The most recent Rasmussen poll of likely voters released Monday showed Davis with 47-percent of vote and the incumbent Brownback with 43-percent. The margin of error in the poll was four percent.

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