Two new exhibits at the Flint Hills Discovery Center

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The Flint Hills Discovery Center is about to open two new exhibits on life in Manhattan in the 20th century and the mysteries of animals.

With the help of Kansas State University libraries Special Collection Department and their Historic Costume and Textile Museum the Flint Hills FORCES exhibit explores the human experiences and events between 1917 and 1963. When three areas intertwined to become one community encountering numerous opportunities for change in the 20th century. Fort Riley  helped with the creation of the FORCES exhibit, while this being the second exhibition of the Forces series.

Parents can learn about life in the roaring twenties and great depression while children can learn about animal secrets in an interactive environment. “The exhibit is designed to encourage family learning and to help young children develop science skills through play and exploration,” says Fred Goss, Director of the Flint Hill Discovery Center. The exhibit also offers parents tips on how to encourage their children who are interested in science.

Both exhibits open Saturday September 27, 2014. For more information on the exhibits click here.

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