Topeka district 501 addresses racial equality within its schools

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Topeka school district 501 says that they are putting “race on the table” and has a need to diversify its staff and faculty.

Topeka 501 believes its faculty and staff is too white and wants to add more diversity to its school system.

“We don’t have enough teachers of color,” said Tammy Austin, District 501 Asst. Superintendent.

In a culturally diverse community, Austin says that’s becoming a problem.

“A lot of kids of color probably feel like because they are being taught by predominantly white educators, they don’t see themselves in the classroom.”

This is something the students themselves will talk about – if you ask them.

“Get everyone involved together and not leave anyone out,” said a Topeka West High School student.

This is exactly what the district is trying to do. The district is looking for someone to go out and actively recruit teacher of color. This position will pay up to $103,000 dollars a year.

This person has know how to deal with race issues, preferably in an urban setting and has the ability to think out-side-of-the-box when it comes to addressing these problems.

The district has addressed this issue with its students, but has fallen behind with its staff.

What we want to do is put race on the table every time to see if its impacting.”

The district will continue to accept applications until October 8th.

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