Ogden house fire leaves family homeless

OGDEN (KSNT) – A four hour house fire has left an Ogden family without a home.

The fire spread from Sebriana Martin’s garage to her home. It destroyed the families camper, back porch and entire side of the house, smoke damage finished the rest.

“This is all we ever had, this is all, this is all I got.”

Twenty-years of hard work and memories burned to the ground right in front of their eyes. Martin’s fiance, Sal Tucker was at work when he got the news and came back to what was once his home to find.

“Everything I own is gone, all my lawn equipment.”

Sebrina Martin’s son, daughter and three small grandchildren are now without a home.

The Red Cross was able to set the Martin family up in a local motel until Sunday. After Sunday the family will stay at Sebrina’s mother’s house.

“My house is small but we can load up, on the floor, everywhere as long as everybody has a roof over their head.”

In the meantime, Sebrina is already starting plans to rebuild.

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