Hey! You, with the yard sign!

The City of Topeka: where the number of politicians is high, but the number of political yard signs are even higher.
“Democracy should be good friendly things.” says Field Director of the Kansas Democrats, John Moeder.

But when it comes to those yard signs, it’s like a neighborhood version of the Sharks and the Jets. Only, with political parties.
“Nobody said anything, but some of my neighbors frowned at me.” says Ralph Frey, after he put signs in his yard.
“We’ve had signs stolen. It’s unfortunate. People get real passionate about these things.” says Moeder.

However, before any signs are given out, it often comes with a overview of the rules.
“These [signs] go to your yard. Your property. Keep them behind public easement so that they’re not on public property.” says Moeder.

Anyone can put a sign in their own yard, as long as they’re not between the sidewalk and the street.

You can put your signs anywhere, though, it may cost you a 50 dollar fine, as well as a 30 dollar removal fee.
Sign removal is something the City of Topeka enforces. Over the weekend, illegal sign placement occurred down Topeka Boulevard. Today? The misplaced signs are all gone.
“I think it’s important that campaigns are run respectfully and it’s not done in an overbearing way that litters the streets. Or put on a corner and impedes peoples line of sight.” says Moeder.

On Election Day, the responsibility moves from the city to the county to enforce signage regulations. At that time, signs are not allowed within 200 feet of polling areas.

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