Heartland Park petition turned in before deadline

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A petition to force a public vote on Heartland Park has been delivered to city hall just two days before the deadline.

Chris Imming and other petitioners collected 4,200 signatures. That’s almost three times more than the 1,500 the county election officer recommended.

Imming thinks the public, not just the council should vote on whether the city buys the racetrack and expands its taxing district.

The council voted on August 12th but a public ballot would decide whether to overturn that vote.

Imming said there were a lot of people involved in gathering those signatures.

“It kind of became a group effort after a while, not just something that I was interested in, it really took life after they got involved. People I never met, heard of. It’s kind of amazing how many people turned out to take petitions around.”

The Shawnee County Election Office will verify the signatures. Those results should come within a week. After the signatures are verified the council will decide their next move.



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