Pat Roberts brings in reinforcements

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A Republican rally at a local restaurant for an incumbent who’s in political trouble. The latest polls have Pat Roberts trailing Independent challenger Greg Orman, so Roberts brought in some reinforcements. Senator Jerry Moran was more than willing to tell the party faithful what’s wrong with Orman.

“The senate democrat campaign committee has staff working to elect Greg Orman, does that sound like an independent,” Moran says.

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn was also there to remind those attending what’s at stake in the race. The GOP hopes to take control of the US Senate and they need Roberts re-elected.

“The fact is you have untruths being sold in megabucks in Kansas and it’s got to be defeated¬† and the truth has come out,” Coburn says.

Earlier in the day Roberts also appeared in Wichita with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, all of which Orman says points to the problem of Roberts’ incumbency.

“Washington is a mess of dysfunction, extreme partisanship, and gridlock, and Senator Roberts is part of the problem,” said Orman’s campaign.

“Well I hope that we are part of a Republican majority so we can do things,” Roberts replied.

During his speech, Robert says a vote for Greg Orman is vote for Obama and what he stands for. While a KSN news survey USA poll had Orman ahead in the polls Monday by 5 points, a CNN poll released on Thursday puts Roberts ahead by a single point.

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