What’s in a poll? Is Sen. Pat Roberts gaining ground?

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A pair of polls released Thursday seem to show that embattled Republican incumbent Senator Pat Roberts has made an impressive turnaround in recent days and now leads Independent challenger Greg Orman by as many as five percentage points.

The question for Kansas voters is likely to become – which poll do you believe.

Sunday an NBC News/Marist poll give Orman a 10-point lead over Roberts 48-38% among Kansas voters who wee likely to vote in the upcoming general election.

Monday, a KSN News/Survey USA poll showed Orman continued to hold a five point advantage among likely voters, a position he’s maintained through three consecutive polls taken since the August primary.

The two new polls, however, show Roberts has not only cut the deficit but has moved ahead of the challenger.

A CNN/ORC poll gives Roberts a one point 49-48% advantage over Orman in a survey of 687 likely voters that was conducted from October 2-6.

A FOX News poll, also released Thursday gives Roberts an even larger margin 44-39% in a poll of 702 likely voters taken between October 4-7.

In an interview with FOX News in response to its poll Roberts, a three-term incumbent, says of Orman “He’s amorphous. Trying to nail his position is like trying to nail Jell-O on a wall. I mean it’s just, first he says, ‘if the Republicans are in the majority I’d be a Republican, if the Democrats are in the majority I’d be a Democrat.” And when I asked him, well, who wouldyou vote for for leader? what party would you associate with and his answer is neither.”

Orman countered, saying “Pat Roberts will repeatedly tell you that President Obama and (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid are the reason Washington is such a mess. And you know what, he’s half right. But the other half of t5he mess, Mitch McConnell and Pat Roberts. The truth is both parties are more interested in playing political games than problem solving and both parties are failing Kansas.”


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