Details released in the murder case of Lacie Atchison

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas First News has received additional details in the murder case of a 22-year old Topeka woman that occurred on the morning of Wednesday September 24th.

In the affidavit from the Topeka Police Department, it says that on September 24th, officers responded at 7:20 a.m. to a 911 call in regards to a naked man in the street in front of 912 SE 34th in Topeka. The naked man later identified as 23-year old Trevor William Adkins was fighting with a man at the address when officers arrived.

The man that Adkins was fighting with provided a statement to Topeka Police saying he told Adkins to put some clothes on. Adkins began punching the man, causing injuries to his face such as redness and swelling.

Adkins resisted officers as they were attempting to take him into custody. The affidavit states that Adkins had blood covering much of his body. After Adkins was taken into custody, officers noticed a deceased woman laying on the front porch, later identified as 22-year old Lacie L. Atchison, who had multiple stab wounds.

A neighbor provided a statement to police indicating he heard a woman say “no please no.” Then he heard a man yelling, calling her a “whore” and grunting. After about 15 minutes the neighbor says the woman stopped screaming.

During the investigation it was discovered Adkins and Atchison lived together with a 2-year old child. The child was inside the home when police arrived and taken into protective custody.

Police say Adkins had symptoms of excited delirium, such as being combative and having a high blood temperature. He was transported to a local hospital and released the same day in which he was then transported to the Topeka Police Department.

Police also interviewed a man who says he was with Adkins and Atchison at their home from 1 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. that day. He said Adkins and he bought and consumed “mollies” on two separate occasions throughout the night. Mollies are usually defined as a manufactured illegal narcotic commonly containing ecstasy and methamphetamine combined. The man said Adkins became upset with him and asked him to leave the home. Atchison also asked him to leave. He then told police he was walking out of the home when Adkins grabbed two knifes from a counter, one being a fillet knife. The man told police he was scared for his life due to Adkins having the knives and making erratic statements. He says that Atchison was trying to get Adkins to come back into the home after he was completely naked with a knife in each hand. After that he says he drove away from the home and that was what he last saw also stating that he did not see the child while he was there but believed the child was sleeping.

Adkins provided a post Miranda recorded statement to Topeka Police on September 24th stating he was doing “mollies” and was on a “bad trip.” Adkins said he remembered kicking the man out of his house, grabbing a serrated knife and stabbed Atchison inside their house in the kitchen area. Adkins said he stabbed Lacie until she was laying down in the kitchen. He then tried to help her but then forced her out of the home.

Adkins was charged on September 26th with misdemeanor counts of endangering a child and battery. He remains jailed on a $1 million bond in the death of Atchison.

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