Teachers mixing up the classroom

JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – A day off from school for students – means a day in the class room for teachers in Geary County today.

The idea was to give educators an opportunity to learn from experts how to best use technology in the class room to keep students engaged and learning.

“Teachers are shifting from telling kids information to moving to a place of helping them process all the information that’s out in the world” says Dedra Stafford an educational consultant.

Teachers learned the importance of not only having books in the class room but bringing technology into the classroom as well, to help students learn in a more interactive way.

It’s especially critical with kids learning to use computer-based programs earlier than ever before.

Teachers already using the techniques say it works. “read a book or listen to a book and take a quiz, and they each have headphones and when my students did it their first graders and they sat for a hour and forty minutes, the very first time they tried this” says Betsy Baublitz, a 1st grade teacher.

Finding ways to keep the kids interested in learning is what it’s all about says Jana Laffery a media librarian, “you can automatically see their interest and their eyes light up, and their like ‘really so what are we gonna do with this’ ya know, and then you’ve immediately got a grasp on them.”

It’s the fifth year the district has focused on technology with its teachers.

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