The future of Ebola in Kansas

A patient continues to be held in isolation at University of Kansas Hospital, after arriving with Ebola-like symptoms on Monday. His preliminary tests have come back negative, but doctors are still waiting on more results from the CDC. Though doctors do not consider this patient high risk, they confirm that the hospital will continue to train its staff for more cases.

Kansas politicians also are expecting more cases to hit the Midwest, which is why they are urging for more drastic prevention plans.

The World Health Organization expects that within two months, West Africa can expect up to 10,000 new Ebola cases each week.

“What we’re doing with Ebola is not working.” says Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins.

With two confirmed cases in the United States, Jenkins doesn’t think CDC recommended safeguards are adequate.
Currently for any flights out of West Africa, the only real screening process is passengers having their temperatures tracked.
For this reason, Senator Roberts wants a travel ban to and from West Africa
“It’s a drastic step, but this disease as you will find out in the next several weeks will be affecting more and more people, here in America.” says Roberts.

He’s not the only politician calling for increased measures, Jenkins is also asked for travel restrictions.
“This has hit entirely too close to home now. We’ve got concerns right here in our own community.” says Jenkins.

“Do I think we will have a positive Ebola case here? I would expect that we would. Yes.” says Chief Medical Officer at University of Kansas Hospital, Dr. Lee Norman.

Though doctors believe that the Kansas patient does not have Ebola, with current travel procedures they do foresee a threat to the Midwest.
“I think there are going to be a lot of people leaving West and Central Africa. It’s just the mathematical, statistical probability with that many people moving around the globe. They’re going to move someplace. Kansas city’s a nice community. Who wouldn’t want to come here. ” says Dr. Norman.

Along with a travel ban, Senator Roberts is also asking for a quarantine of any Americans that have traveled from Ebola-affected areas in the last 30 days.

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