Kansas Democrats fire communications director for online insult

Kansas Capitol

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — The Kansas Democratic Party has fired its communications director over an online posting deriding three towns in the state’s southeast corner in crude language.

Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Jason Perkey said Dakota Loomis had been fired from his position as Communications Director at the Kansas Democratic Party.

“Dakota’s remarks were reprehensible, and nothing short of termination is in order here. The Party is offended by Dakota’s comments, and we have heard from people all over Kansas who are, too.”

Perkey went on to state that he was personally disappointed in Loomis. “He has been a very close, personal friend of mine. Nevertheless, there is no place on our staff for someone who would disparage Kansas or Kansans.

Republican state Sens. Jeff King of Independence and Jake LaTurner of Pittsburg had said earlier this week that Loomis should be fired over his posting about Cherryvale, Columbus and Galena. The since-deleted comment called them leading contenders for “most craphole small towns in Kansas.”

Loomis sent out a statement Thursday apologizing for the comment.

Loomis said that he realizes as an employee and representative of the Kansas Democratic Party that his actions reflect not just on himself but on all Kansas Democrats.

“I must first and foremost apologize for me callous, insensitive, and frankly asinine comment.”

Loomis posted the comment on a site dedicated to University of Kansas basketball.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis called the comment inappropriate.


The Associated Press Contributed to this report.


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