Royals fans are gearing up for the World Series

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Fans have already started to buy the Royals gear that are on store shelves.

“I didn’t want to buy anything prior to this so I wouldn’t jinx us so now that we’re going I ready to go all out and get some good stuff,” Dawn Dennis said.

Dennis is talking about getting fan gear now that the royals are going to the world series. The Jock’s Nitch in Topeka had to go to Kansas City to get theirs.

“We’ll have a lot more official World Series merchandise later today, tomorrow through the rest of the week through probably next Tuesday,” President and CEO of Jock’s Nitch Phil Minton said.

Royals gear at Jock’s Nitch is ranging from $15 to $75. The Kansas Sampler in the Capitol City doesn’t have any World Series gear yet, but they’re expecting their shipments any day now. What they do have, regular royals gear, isn’t staying on the racks very long.

“We’ve been getting calls for the last couple of weeks, the phone’s been ringing like crazy just people wondering what sizes we have, the style,” Kansas Sampler Assistant Manager Jasmine Davis said.

Their items range from $22 to $30 dollars. It’s all part of the price of a world series dream come true for many royals fans. You can always go online to get World Series memorabilia directly from the royals organization, or you could just click here.

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