A new initiative that’s promoting fire safety

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A house fire isn’t something you’d want to happen, especially when it results in deaths or injuries. A new campaign is underway to make Kansans safer from fire.You hear it more frequently then you think, a home burns then the American Red Cross helps a family find temporary housing.
It happened 500 times in 16 Kansas counties last year alone.

“I can tell you we’d love to be out of business, we would love to not have to do that anymore just because there are no, none of those to go to,” Red Cross volunteer Linda Clark said.

To do that, the Red Cross and Topeka Fire Department are teaming up for an awareness campaign that involves a safe walk on October 25th.

“We’re hoping that the safe walk will be something that we’re going to do repeatedly,” Fire Marshal Michael Martin said.

The first, best defense is a smoke alarm. There are two types. One is your standard smoke alarm, the other one is for people with hearing disabilities which has a strobe light attached to it. In a Red Cross, 62% of those polled think they have 5 minutes to get out of a burning home, in reality they have 2. Despite years of recommendations, 82% of families still don’t practice home fire drills and 52% of parents don’t talk to their kids about fire safety.

“And when that smoke alarm sounds we want them to have a plan in place so they know exactly how they’re going to get out of the residence,” Martin said.

The Red Cross hopes the campaign will reduce deaths and injuries by home fires 25% over the next 5 years. Part of the campaign includes free smoke-alarms, and for some installation. To get a smoke alarm installed in your home click here for more information.

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