President picks “Ebola Czar”, Moran not impressed

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama’s new point man on Ebola has no medical or public health background. He does have a wealth of experience managing unruly federal bureaucracies in times of crisis.

The White House says that makes Ron Klain the prefect candidate to shepherd the government response to a deadly, growing outbreak.

Yet some Republicans are already balking at Obama’s choice of a Washington insider and political operative to handle a public health emergency.

Up to now, Klain has tackled the national financial crisis, been portrayed by Kevin Spacey in an HBO film and served as chief of staff to two vice presidents. His latest gig may prove his toughest challenge.

He’s expected to stay about five or six months.

Kansas US Senator Jerry Moran voiced his concerns about the employment of what he called an “Ebola Response Coordinator”.

Moran is the ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Health Subcommittee and said “Without the right person in charge, I am concerned the President’s appointment of a political ally will only add to the bureaucratic inefficiencies that have plagued Ebola response efforts thus far.”

Moran added, “This is a real crisis and worth of an individual with extensive background in international diplomacy, experience coordinating large-scale interagency missions, as well as a proven ability to work with Congress and across the aisle.”

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