Topeka Planning Commission approves new long range growth plan

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Planning Commission unanimously approved a new long range growth plan Monday night which it hopes will increase growth inside the city limits.

The commission’s action came after three public meetings were held soliciting ideas from city residents late this summer and earlier this fall.

The commission, which updates the master plan once a decade, faced several problems including: a population moving to outlying areas of the city, low density urban sprawl, and investment that was headed to the city limits rather than in older more established areas.

The commission is hoping the new plan will encourage investment in inner-city areas which will include higher density housing combined with a mix of commercial development.

“It came through loud and clear that this is the right direction to make the City of Topeka boundaries our number one priority for growth,” said City Planning Director Bill Fiander after the meeting “as opposed to horizontally keep pushing out which we will have to do in some instances. But in terms of our priorities we can do it where we already are.”

The city council will be briefed on the plan at its meeting Tuesday, October 21st and the city’s governing body will discuss the plan and is expected to take a vote on November 18th.

You can read the full draft report of the problems the city faces and actions it will take here.

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