Ft. Riley troops get new middle school for kids

FORT RILEY (KSNT) – Students, parents and educators celebrated the formal dedication of a new school on base Thursday, Ft. Riley Middle School.

It’s not often you get a school dedication on an army base.

But thanks to a federal grant, that’s what all these students, parents and educators were celebrating.

“Kind of takes my breath away, because when you enter this building from the front and you see it lit up it is very, very impressive.” says Principal Joe Handlos.

The $35.2 million federal grant built the school, which will be staffed by teachers from Gear County School District 475.

Those teachers have all new equipment and all new technology.

Not only do educators enjoy the new school, but so do the students. They get to have new additions, like a jazz room.

“I was really excited because the old school was like, kind of OK, but once I saw this school – it was really big and I got excited.”¬†student Javier Fuentes told Kansas First News.

And all the natural light indoors not only makes the atmosphere brighter, it means the new middle school is the second within the district to go “green”.

The school actually opened its classrooms in August for the more than 700 pupils now enrolled.

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