Partial solar eclipse today

Partial solar eclipse

Just before sunset, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun and take a bite out of our giant star. This is known as a partial solar eclipse and the best time to view it will be between 4:30pm and sunset.  Do not look directly at the Sun.  It can damage your eyes.  Instead, find eclipse glasses or use a pin-hole camera to see the Sun become crescent-shaped in the western sky.  You can also look at the shadow the leaves will make on the ground and see the dappling of the crescent Sun.  It should be a pretty sight early this evening if skies can clear.  Enjoy and be safe!

The Banner Creek Science Center in Holton will be hosting a solar eclipse viewing today.  Their address is 22275 N Road and they are located just west of the main entrance of Banner Creek Reservoir.  They will be selling solar eclipse shades for $2.00.  The center will be open from 4:15pm – 6:00pm today.

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