Washburn Rural soccer star achieves record

Washburn Rural's Austin Halsey celebrates after scoring a goal. Halsey tallied 47 goals so far during his high school career.

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Washburn Rural senior captain Austin Halsey has been unstoppable during his four years with the Junior Blues.

During a match against Hayden in September, the midfielder scored four goals.

“It was cool because I know a lot of guys that were there, and last year we had a tough match against them,” Halsey said. “A bunch of my club teammates were on that team. So coming out this year and getting four on them was a cool thing to do.”

“He’s one of the best we’ve ever had,” Washburn Rural head coach Brian Hensyel said. “Just from the pure standpoint of the first day he got here he was a competitor and was a guy that wanted to help the team win.”

And he’s done just that. Halsey set the school-record for goals in a career with 47 as the (14-2) Junior Blues get ready to enter the postseason.

“One of my goals coming into high school was to break that record,” Halsey said. “It was really cool to break it, but that’s not the main goal that I had.”

“His number one goal always is for his team to be successful,” Hensyel said. “And with that has come a lot of individual accolades.”

Washburn Rural captured its 20th consecutive Centennial League title this season. Now the Junior Blues will try to translate that success into their fourth state championship in school history.

“It’s an amazing streak,” Hensyel said. “We’ve got nobody on our team older than streak, so that’s kind of a crazy deal, and each year it’s kind of one of those things where we say we don’t want to lose it, let’s just postpone it for one more year, and we’ve been lucky enough to just keep it going.”

“It’s cool to have a history like that at a school and be able to follow along in those guys footsteps,” Halsey said. “And you always want to be able to leave that legacy for the ones to follow. So it’s cool to just have a family that continues to strive for that goal. We’ll feel some pressure, but once we get their, it’s just better to play for fun, and know that we’ve achieved a lot.”

Halsey also set the school’s assist record and was named a 2014 All-American.

“It would mean the world to me to have two state titles, and leave a legacy at this school.”

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