400 Kansas kids are waiting to be adopted from foster care

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Governor Sam Brownback signed a proclamation promoting November as National Adoption Month.

Melanie and Curtis Odum were in attendance and they know firsthand of the importance of adoption since they’ve themselves have adopted three children.

“There’s a lot of things that go with adoption that you’d be able to do with these kids if you didn’t just keep them in your home and take care of them,” says Melanie Odum.

In Kansas alone there are almost 400 kids waiting to be adopted from the foster care system. Governor Brownback also signed another proclamation for an event called “Wait No More.” This event is for families from Kansas and Missouri to come together and learn about the adaption process. Nearly 1,400 Missouri children are waiting to find their forever families.

The Odum’s adoptive children were among the 1,800 children available for adoption in Kansas and Missouri. That’s why the Kansas Department for Children and Families and Missouri’s similar state agency have partnered with Christian group Focus on the Family for an event called “Wait No More” November 1st in Kansas City. The organization has had measurable success in recruiting potential families in other states including Colorado where it’s based. State officials hope the event will help to find families for every waiting child.

“This shows our kids who are in foster care that somebody cares. They’re not forgotten,” says Anna Pilato, Deputy Secretary at Kansas department for children and families.

Officials hope the event will also clear up misunderstandings on adoption and show how to overcome the obstacles.

“It’s some good things in it but there are some bad ones too that are hard to uh over come, uh, but overall it’s worth it,” says Curits Odum,.

One of those problems, is knowing where to turn when you need help.

“So we really want to dispel some of those myths and let people know it’s a real option that people can consider and it would help countless children,” says Theresa freed, Kansas Department for Children and Families.

For more information, click on “Wait No More” or Adoption.

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