Orman and wife sit down for one-on-one interview

TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s one of the most hotly contested races on the November ballot: the US Senate race.

Kansas First News Anchor Cristina Frank sat down with Independent candidate Greg Orman and his wife Sybil.

In a political world of red and blue…..Independent candidate for US Senate, Greg Orman, says it’s time for a shake up.

“While I’ve tried both parties in the past, I’ve been disappointed with both. I believe they are both a part of what’s wrong with Washington,” Orman said.

Orman says when it comes to the nation’s economy – government has to create stability in the US market – so, companies invest and create the right kind of jobs.

“The opportunity to work for a job that affords them a middle-class lifestyle. Those jobs tend to be a higher-paying jobs they require Americans to get certain kind of skills and to get some form of higher education. And that’s become harder and harder for the average American.”

On immigration, he supports Republicans who want tougher border security, but ha also favors a Democrat’s plan for a path to citizenship…

“In my mind, if you’re here on an undocumented basis, you should have to register with ICE by a date that’s certain…you should have to pay a fine or perform community service as an acknowledgment that you have broken a law. You should have to hold down a job, pay taxes, obey our laws. And if you do that, I believe you should be able to stay here and work,” Orman said.

He’s pro-choice, and wants the US Supreme Court to make a definitive ruling on same-sex marriage, and doesn’t support the Affordable Care Act – saying the main goal should be making healthcare affordable.

As for being an independent…

“Say to both sides: ‘if you want us to support your team, so to speak, you’ve got to commit to a pro-problem-solving agenda.’ And if 4-5 months goes by and they’re not walking the talk…we’ve got the ability to align with the other side…which is one of the real benefits of being an independent,” Orman said.

In a high-stakes race, Orman and his wife say they were prepared for negative political mud-slinging….but what they didn’t expect…

“The amazing support that we’ve had….coming from people from all parts of the state, all political backgrounds, all different beliefs, coming together and working together,” Sybil Orman said.

Orman says if he is elected, he will only serve two terms in office.

Kansas First News also talked with Republican incumbent Senator Pat Roberts.

We’ll have his interview coming up Thursday, October 30th at 10:00pm on Kansas First News.

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