Mixed Advance Voting results in Riley & Geary County’s

Election Day is one week from today and with advanced voting now underway, many are choosing to avoid the polls next Tuesday.

Advanced voting in Kansas started on October 15th and interest has been so high this year, voters like these have been keeping election officials jumping.

“We’re gettin’ a really good turnout for advanced voting, hopefully that carries over into the election day as well,” says Rich Vargo, Riley County Clerk and Election official.

Whether it’s casting a vote at a county election office during a lunch break or after work, or even mailing in an absentee ballot, the key is convenience.

Vargo says, “a lot of people will go on vacation this time of years or go out of town, ya know to warm climates, and so they can get all that done before weather changes and they really appreciate it.”

Unlike Riley County, who is expecting to exceed their advance voting turn out from prior years, Geary County is seeing less of a turn out from voters.

Found at the polls casting his ballot, was Tom Brungardt, who’s running for the Kansas State Legislature.

While he likes the convenience of early voting, Brungardt says it changes his campaign strategy a bit.

“lm still campaigning. Ya know lm still going door to door, lm still meeting and talking to people, lm still putting out yard signs even. But yet people are voting.”

Which means voters want information about the candidates that much earlier.

“When you’ve got a significant number of people voting early then those campaign forums may need to happen earlier as well,” says Rebecca Bossemeyer, the Geary County Clerk.

Check with your county office before heading down to vote because most county election offices are open for extended hours this week.


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