Sen. Roberts talks top issues in election

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Republican Senator Pat Roberts is battling to keep his seat in Washington, DC.

We sat down with the incumbent senator about this close race.

Incumbent Senator Pat Roberts has served three terms – and says he knows Washington is broken.

“And for the last 6 years, we haven’t had a budget, we haven’t done spending bills, and Harry Reid has acted like a dictator in the Senate,” Roberts said.

Roberts say turning the Senate into a Republican majority – is the fix.

For the nation’s economy, he wants to lower taxes and have what he calls a “rational energy policy.”

He says what’s been hurting the nation’s recovery are federal regulations.

“Make decisions locally and make decisions in the state as opposed to all the federal mandates and all the regulations.”

Roberts says he wants to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

He’s against amnesty for anyone in the country illegally and strongly stands behind securing the border.

“I am pro-life. I would like to open the Keystone Pipeline,” Roberts said.

On same sex-marriage, Roberts say it should be a state issue.

“We have enough federal mandates trying to control the daily lives and pocketbooks of American citizens…not to mention, their very strong principles with regards to the foundation of what they believe in.”

We put a call out on social media for questions voters have for Roberts – the top one, was his attendance record that showed he has missed 2/3 of Ag Committee meetings since 2000.

“Well, I have five committees that I attend and many times they have those meetings at the same time, but again, I have a 97% voting record on the floor of the Senate and I’m working very hard for Kansas values every minute I am back there.”

Roberts say when it comes to getting things done…’s all about shifting power in the Senate.

“If you elected a Republican majority, we will end the gridlock. We will reach across the aisle to conservative Democrats or any other Democrats who know what we must do for the country and get things going. We’ll get the government off your backs, stop the regulations, we will have a national security policy that makes sense.”

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