Reliving the Battle of the Blue

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The 150th anniversary of “The Battle of the Blue” during the civil war was today, Oct. 30th.

People gathered at the Topeka Cemetery to honor the Kansans who fought in the 1864 battle.

Dozens of Topekans and militiamen from surrounding towns lost their lives in a three day fight against confederate invaders.

Re-enactors were posted throughout the cemetery including the descendents of these soldier. Charles Crawford who is the Great Grandson of Governor and General Samuel J. Crawford was there and he says that this day isn’t just about his family but about all the men who gave there lives in this battle. “The civil war dead, the people that died at the little blue, really preserve our way of life. Kansas was in the balance in the civil war.”

Lori Cunningham, superintended of the Historic Topeka Cemetery says “It brings the community together to understand what sacrifices each of those families made.”

14 soldiers from Topeka that were killed in action are buried at the cemetery.

If you want to know more about The Battle Blue click here.

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