Brownback and Roberts both trail challengers in newest FOX News Poll

TOPEKA (KSNT) – As the 2014 election hits its final critical days a new political poll shows bad news for Republican incumbents.

A FOX News poll released Friday is the bearer of ill tidings in both races, asking likely voters between October 28-30 who they’re most likely to cast their ballot for.

In the highly contested U.S. Senate race incumbent Republican Senator Pat Roberts now trails Independent challenger Greg Orman by one percentage point 44% to 43%. In the last FOX News poll Roberts lead Orman by 5 point. While the 1% difference falls with the poll’s margin of error of 3%, it still shows the incumbent three-term Senator has lost 6% of the vote in the past two weeks.

In the equally hot contest between Republican incumbent Governor Sam Brownback and Democratic challenger Paul Davis, Davis leads Brownback 48% to 42%. That 6% lead compares to a Davis lead of 4% two weeks ago and continues a pattern of Davis gaining support. In early October the same poll gave Brownback a 6% lead. Most of Davis most recent gain seems to come from the “Undecided” category. Only five of those polled indicated they still had not made up their minds, half the number of the previous



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