Halloween’s tiniest trick-or-treaters

(NBC News)  Even though Halloween will be filled with candy, you won’t see anything sweeter than the tiniest trick-or-treaters at one Los Angeles Hospital.

Born premature just a few weeks ago, Jaimeson isn’t quite ready to leave the neo-natal intensive care unit, but that doesn’t mean he can’t participate in Halloween.

Jaimeson and his family are enjoying an annual Halloween tradition at the Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Children’s Health Center.

“This long-standing tradition gives these families a harbor from the storm and just a sense of normalcy,” says Dr. Charles Simmons.

It’s a time for parents to take a break from thinking about what might be wrong with the babies and look forward to the day when they’ll be able to go home.

The costumes are made for babies as small as two pounds, hand-stitched by volunteers.

13-year-old volunteer Angela Wade says she loves imagining the babies in their costumes and meeting the parents whose lives are touched by her work.

“I know that I did something right, to put a smile on their faces because I know they’re going through a difficult time,” she says.

Parents are able to take their costumes home as a keepsake, and reminder of how tiny their babies once were.

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