Haunted Places in Topeka

The City of Topeka…known for it’s cut-throat politics, capital dome tours, and the paranormal.
“Ghosts are all around us. There’s so many haunted locations. They all have different kinds of ghosts, different kinds of history,”  says Cathy Ramirez, a tour guide who gives ghost tours in Topeka.

Topeka was founded in 1854. With that comes 160 years of history and, in her opinion, 160 years of ghosts.

“It’s a year-round thing. If there are ghosts, which I think there are, they’re not waiting around for one month out of the year.” says Sean Christiansen, who took the ghost tour.
“People seem to think ‘Oh they only come out at night and in October’, but nope. It’s all the time, all around us. All year long,” says Ramirez.

All the ghost talk seems a little crazy. However the people on her tour were pretty open-minded.
“No, I’m not skeptical. When my father passed, we could feel it when he left,” says Christiansen.

And suspicion of paranormal activity, like what happened with his father, is all over Topeka.

“The capital building. It’s a beautiful, majestic building, but a lot of people don’t realize how many people died during it’s construction.” says Ramirez.
At least nine people fell to their deaths during it’s construction. Some nights, workers say they hear footsteps and hammering in empty rooms.

Another haunted building? Jayhawk tower. In the ally beside it, pictures have been taken with apparitions appearing in the background.

“The Moose Lodge. I’ve investigated there probably ten times and it’s one of those locations where you get something every time,” says Ramirez.

And let’s not forget George, the ghost who workers claim haunts the downtown Quiznos.

If you’re scared of ghosts, Ramirez insists that most of the Topeka ghosts are pretty friendly.
“If it was a bad person who did naughty things when they were alive, they’re probably going to be a negative type energy and do naughty things when they’re a ghost. But for the most part they’re harmless,” says Ramirez.

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