Kansas October revenues fail again to hit expectations

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – Kansas says its tax collections in October fell $23 million short of expectations and the bad news came days before the end of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s tight race for re-election.

The Department of Revenue reported Friday that the state collected $417 million in taxes, or 5.2 percent less than the $440 million anticipated.

Since the current fiscal year started in July, tax collections have been nearly $47 million less than anticipated, a 2.6 percent shortfall. The state expected to collect more than $1.81 billion in taxes and took in $1.77 billion.

Brownback has faced months of criticism over personal income tax cuts enacted at his urging.

But Budget Director Shawn Sullivan called the shortfall “manageable” and said Brownback’s administration is looking for budget savings.

The election is Tuesday.


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