Trick-or-treating back on after manhunt ends

MOUNTAINHOME, Pa. (AP) — Trick-or-treating was back on Friday in a northeastern Pennsylvania town that spent the last seven weeks under siege as hundreds of law enforcement officers searched for the survivalist accused of killing a state trooper.

Shortly after Eric Frein was arrested Thursday night, Barrett Township supervisors got the word out that the town’s hundreds of children could go out Friday night after all.

The traditional Halloween parade and door-to-door trick-or-treating had been canceled while Frein was on the loose for 48 days in the heavily wooded township.

Darlene Fylstra said she didn’t have a Plan B for Halloween so she was thrilled when she heard children could go door to door.

So was her daughter, Malia Salter, 5, who jumped up and down repeating “I love trick-or-treating” as her mother spoke Friday insides a crafts store.

Malia planned to dress as one the characters from the Monster High doll series.

Erika Sheloski said her son, Parker, 5, wouldn’t be going trick-or-treating because he already had collected candy twice at other events — including a town-sponsored party last Sunday — and the family had decided to host a party instead on Halloween.

During the search, residents in and around a main five-mile search area endured roadblocks, school closings and the whir of helicopters as hundreds of police swarmed neighborhoods, sometimes in response to possible sightings.

Many residents said they still badly missed not being able to attend the Halloween parade, a big event in town.

“With losing the parade, getting trick-or-treating back — it’s the best we can do with the circumstances,” said Ralph Megliola, chairman of the board of supervisors.

Megliola said children like his own 9-year-old son were excited to be able to go out on Halloween. But he said they were also happy to be free to pursue other activities, too.

“My wife just called and asked if we could take our son for a walk in the woods today and I said, ‘Yes, we can,'” he said.



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