Watching out for Kansas voter fraud

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansan’s will be heading to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes that is if the mail hasn’t scared them away, like Topekan, Mary Monell.

“What happens if I go down to vote, and they say ‘well you’ve already voted? ’No I haven’t,” Mary Monell, concerned voter said.

Monell’s concerns all stem from a piece of paper her neighbor received in the mail, “My neighbor asked me about why I had already voted, and I told her I had not voted.”

That’s because what Monell’s neighbor received in the mail was a flyer that stated that Mary, plus three of her other neighbors had already voted.

“I said I did not vote early, to me this is fraud,” Monell said.

But is it? We put that question to U.S. Attorney for the Kansas District Barry Grissom. He said it’s not fraud, but rather an odd attempt at getting resident to vote.

“It certainly wasn’t being very honest and forthright about your neighbor voting but that would be something that would encourage people to vote,” Grissom said.

According to the group behind the flyer “Americans for Prosperity” that’s what they were trying to accomplish.

“The goal of the mailer we sent is to encourage greater civic participation. Our hope is that we get to a point where voters participate in all elections,” Jen Rezac, Americans for Prosperity.

The tactic isn’t working on Mary, in fact it’s making her think twice about even voting,

“How many other people, hundreds of people have had these flyers delivered to them with people’s names on them that have not voted, and have been stated that they did vote,” Monell said.

And it’s because of questions like this, Kansas Secretary of State, and the U.S. Attorney have election monitors at the polls.

“If you can mislead 1% that could affect the outcome of an election,” Grissom said.


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