‘Not Me!’ teaching life-saving skills

Between you and your three best friends, one will face the threat of a sexual assault in their lifetime.

TOPEKA (KSNT) – We hear about horrible crimes every day….but did you know, being prepared for an attack can actually save your life?

Kansas First News’ Cristina Frank found a program called “Not Me!”…and it got personal.

Between you and your three best friends, one will face the threat of a sexual assault in their lifetime.

“You and I are about to have some fun, baby…”

Words of terror.

“And if she doesn’t take control of this situation very soon, she is going to get to be one of those statistics.”

And these women are learning to fight back.

It’s part of “Not Me!” training.

A program that focuses on teaching women to avoid risky situations and escape if they get into one.

The best tip – always go for your attacker’s most sensitive spot: the eyes.

It’s called – “the cat.”

“All she has to do is straighten her arms out…ha…and drive her fingers into my eyes hard. Okay, and when she does that it doesn’t matter how big or strong i am, i will always react the same way…ahh….that creates her opportunity to escape,” Founder and Owner of “Not Me!” Al Horner said.

If an attacker comes from behind…

“Your arms come straight up…and your feet come up like you’re going to do a seat-drop on a trampoline.”

Become a dead weight….then kick your attacker away.

Al calls all this “items in your toolbox.”

But the most powerful tool….starts in your gut.

“Number one, trust your feelings. If it doesn’t feel right….get away,” Horner said.

“Not Me!” teaches women if their worst nightmare happens…..fight back.

“Never, never give up. The minute you say, ‘oh my God, this is terrible bad things are going to happen’ you are probably right. You can’t give up.”

If you want to get more information on the “Not Me!’ program, click here.

Also, we have an extended video explaining how to do the cat move – click this link to watch.

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