Students disrupt KU classes,1arrested

Two students disrupt classes at KU to protest sex assault investigation at local fraternity. (Photo Courtesy Allison Kite/Daily Kansan)

LAWRENCE (KSNT) –  “All members that do not dissociate themselves with this fraternity will be seen as guilty parties and they will be dealt with accordingly. However the rapist you will be dealt with either way.”

This video was shot by a student as masked men created a disturbance in several lecture halls on the University of Kansas campus.

Dressed in masks and vintage military gear, the men warned students about possible consequences of associating with members of the kappa sigma fraternity.

The fraternity is under suspension after an October allegation of sexual misconduct during a homecoming party.

“Kappa sigma fraternity we are here to let you know that you should fear us.”

The office of public safety sent out a campus-wide mobile alert saying that the two individuals were in custody.

The niversity’s head of public safety, Captain James Anquiano says students should not fear for their safety on KU’s campus.

“It’s out of hand a little bit. I try not to walk around campus at night,” said student Teresa Lidic.

That’s because of a recent rash of on-campus crime. The incident at the fraternity and a student arrested for rape that same weekend.

News the school is under federal investigation for how it handles sexual assaults on campus and a robbery in a dorm last month have combined to make students nervous.

“Up until this year I thought it was pretty good, but with everything going on it has been lacking in places,” said Reese Simpson, KU student.

At least one student was taken into custody and the disruptions are still under investigation.




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