Downtown Topeka hosts Veterans parade

TOPEKA,Kan.(KSNT)- The second annual Topeka veterans Day Parade was underway at 11 a.m on Saturday near the Statehouse grounds at S.W. 8th and Harrison.

The parade featured high school marching bands, floats and more than 2,500 veterans marching along the parade route.

The parade will began at 4th and S. Kansas Avenue, traveled south to 6th Street, proceeded west to S.W. Harrison, then turned south. The parade went past the Statehouse before heading east on S.W. 10th, then north on S.E. Quincy to S.E. 6th, where it headed west for a block to S. Kansas Avenue, then dispersed.

Melissa Jarboe, founder of the Military Veteran Project, said all area veterans were invited to march in the parade- regardless of if they had seen active duty.

Each veteran was assigned a battle buddy to walk with at the parade. And were separated into groups based on their military experience.

World War II veterans marched together, as will those who served in the Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Those who retired from the military, served in the reserves, were wounded or are on active duty also marched together in groups, as did family members of those who lost their lives in the line of duty.

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