Organization vows to help veterans start a business

(LAWRENCE) KSNT – Thousands of service men and women return home from overseas every day, but the transition back to reality here in the states isn’t always smooth sailing for those veterans. With the help of the Vetfran program Waylon white and his wife Victoria are now franchise owners.

What was once a dentist office will soon be a Pinot’s Pallet better known for painting and wine parties in Lawrence.

“Like Pinot’s Pallet, McDonald, Subway any kind of a franchise that has a Vetfran program that helps them start businesses and then get back on their feet after leaving the service,” said Waylon White, U.S. veteran.

White spent 8 years in the military, with 2-tours in Iraq. With programs like Vetfran they were able to help White and his family finically get this business up and running.

By helping more than 5,000 veterans become franchise business owners — it’s their way of saying “thank you” for all you have done.

“Any type of support the veterans get by having someone there that can speak the same language that can understand the trials and tribulations of going from one to the other and being able to help out, that is very important,” said White.

As far as Pinot’s Pallet, White says it’s a place where people can come to drink, paint and most importantly have fun.

“I think everyone has the need to have fun and enjoy what they are doing. Pinots pallet is a cross between the youthful part of yourself and the adult part of yourself,” said Victoria White, Waylon’s wife.

Pinot’s Pallet will be open in January of next year.

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