Unique way to enjoy a movie


JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – A new look and a new feel has been added to the Juntion City movie theatre.

After completely gutting this old movie theatre the B&B theatre has been updated from top to bottom.

A concept the original owners, Ron and Becky Bramlage who were killed in a plane crash, came up with.

“we started to um explore the idea of doing a remodel and uh bringing it up to date and making it a place that they’re proud of, and their kids would enjoy and um and so finally we made that happen,” says Clint Fancis, the property manager.

It’s got a new look outside and inside. The fourplex theatre spiced up its concession area with self serve candy and soft drinks, which means unlimited free refills.

But there is one part of the new theatre that is catching the eye of people of all ages.

“The new seats they can convert back”

“The seats are comfortable.”

Not only does the theatre have great VIP recliner seats, but they’ve added a way to guarantee a great seat, reserve seating.

You show up when you want and get the seat you want, by going online ahead of time. If you don’t order seats a head of time you are still able to get tickets, your seats will be the seats that are left.

The new owners say you get all those new comforts, including those free refills, for the same price you would pay anywhere else.

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