National organization urges Kansas to refuse to accept same-sex marriage


TOPEKA (KSNT) — As of Thursday morning, same-sex couples were able to marry in Kansas.

Some say it’s a step forward in history for the state, but others say it’s a day that should have not made the history books at all. They want the governor to stop it.

“You have conflict in the state of Kansas between the Kansas Supreme Court and the federal district court. It creates a state of chaos and what we are encouraging the governor to do is to hold out until the Supreme Court rules one way or another,” said Joseph Grabowski, Director of Communication at the National Organization For Marriage.

The National Organization for Marriage says the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling has left the decision up to county judges.

Shawnee County is enforcing a mandatory three-day waiting period to get a license approved, as are other counties.

“The judges that looked at it here in Kansas say that if we delay and don’t go ahead and allow same-sex marriage the people who are seeking a marriage are harmed,” Bill Rich, Law Professor at Washburn Univ.

For those who object they want the us supreme court to take this issue up once and for all.

The challenge remains – can Governor Sam Brownback and attorney general Derek Schmidt find a unique approach to victory – when so many other states have already tried – and failed. If they fail again…

“The provision that appears in the Kansas constitution will be invalid,” said Rich.

At this point, there’s no guarantee the u-s Supreme Court will even take the mater up at all.

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