Topeka homeless face below average temperatures

Homeless shelter beds, Photo Credit: Marc Manera

TOPEKA (KSNT) — What felt like fall a few weeks ago is now an arctic blast with below average temperatures that are dropping lower and lower every day.

Most are hunkering down in their homes and cranking their heat — but for some that is not reality. For people already living on the edge, severe cold poses a threat to their very lives.

“Their heat has been turned off, they are unable to warm themselves, they don’t have the hot water, they don’t have even a shelter over their head,” said Terry Hund, the Program Development Director, Topeka Rescue Mission. “Those that are living out doors, the unsheltered homeless. That’s what really brings people in.”

The Topeka Rescue Mission and Hope Center open their doors 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to men, women, children and families in need.

One resident says that it’s more than a shelter, but the staff here is like family.

“The staff, oh boy, they have been very good. When I got here I only had summer clothes and they have a clothing bank and let me go down there get some nice warm clothes to wear,” Rachel Camp, resident.

As the cold season continues, the shelter could soon become overcrowded, could this pose an issue?

“We are housing close to under 300. We have never turned anyone away for reasons of shelter and not having the room,” said Hund.

The Topeka Rescue Mission and Hope Center will continue to provide a safe and warm environment to the homeless.

“Oh gosh, it’s just a great place to be when you need help,” said Camp.

Topeka Rescue Mission 24/7 hotline number: (785) 230 – 8237

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