K-State increases campus safety

Kansas State University added a new app to help people on campus be safe.

Whether you are logged in anonymously or under your name you can send information to friends and campus police.

The main of the app is safety, student safety and visitor safety.

“We know that people have phones in their hands at all times or their iPad, whatever it may be, so we really thought that getting a mobile safety app is the way to go,” Lindsey Elliott, in K-State crisis communications.

Unlike other apps, “LIVESAFE” gives users four options specific to k-state.

Whether its texting a 911 to campus police or reporting tips, which caption Don Stubbings of Kansas State police says “It allows for direct communication with our dispatch.”

The app also offers a map of the campus with highlighted crime problems.

And “Big Brother” option to have friends follow you as you walk alone on campus.

“So when you’re walking they can see that you’re walking and like if you get off path or something happens they can see it right when it happens,” says Madeline Frankel a student at k-state.

But the app is not just limited to women and can also be used by fans, visitors, and future students.

The “LIVESAFE” app is easily downloaded, once you download look for “Kansas State Info” and that element was developed by staff and students on the school.

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