Sneak Peek: ‘State of Affairs’

(NBC News)  She spent time dealing with life or death in a hospital on “Grey’s Anatomy”.  Now Katherine Heigl is dealing the global implications of life and death in NBC’s new drama “State of Affairs”.

Heigl jumped at the chance to play the high powered CIA analyst who advises the president.

“She’s complicated.  She’s got an intense intelligence, and is very confident and in a very powerful position in her job in the CIA,” Heigl says.  “Personally, she’s a bit of a hot mess.”

That’s because she survived a terrorist ambush in Afghanistan that killed her fiance, who was also the son of the president, played by Alfre Woodard.

“People always imagine that two powerful women cannot exist in the same sphere, and that’s just ridiculous because we speak the same language,” Woodard says of the characters.

“State of Affairs” premiers tonight after “The Voice”.

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