Kansas Congressional delegation reacts to President’s immigration plan

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas’ GOP dominated Congressional delegation was quick to react to President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration Thursday evening. In fact, several of them posted their prepared statements to their websites before the President even delivered his nationwide address.

Here’s the feedback.


“On March 28, 2011 and more than 20 other times, President Obama has rightly said that he cannot suspend deportations of illegal immigrants via executive order. Doing so, President Obama said, would be ‘ignoring the law.’ Tonight, he announced he would just ignore it anyway. As a supposed Constitutional law professor, he should and does know better.

Let’s review the history.

Obama has been a DC politician now for nearly a decade. In 2005 and 2006, then-Senator Obama was apparently too busy opining about the ‘lawlessness’ of the Bush Administration to work with a bipartisan Congress and pass comprehensive immigration laws. In 2007 and 2008, with a Pelosi-controlled House and his Democrat Senate, he was too busy running for President to get it done.

Then as the President in 2009 and 2010, he had full control of Congress, but chose to do NOTHING. And for the last four years, he again was called upon to work with a bipartisan Congress but offered no compromises or negotiation or leadership. Instead, he issued a disastrous executive order that created a massive humanitarian crisis on our southern border this summer.

But now, upon an unprecedented defeat at the polls and facing his lowest approval ratings ever, Obama has engaged in a clearly vain and desperate attempt to misuse the Office of the President. I am confident that the American people, who just overwhelmingly rejected his policies only 16 days ago, will see through this crass executive amnesty.

Unlike Obama’s key ObamaCare advisor Mr. Gruber, I know the American people are not stupid. They recognize this monarch-like move is not only inconsistent with our Republican Ideals, but reflects the ever-growing arrogance of a President and his Administration that despise the very people they claim to represent – and the Constitution they have sworn to uphold.”


“This election the American people sent a clear message to Washington that they do not want repeats of failed past policies, they want President Obama to work with Congress to solve problems. The President’s unilateral action blatantly disregards this message and the separation of powers set forth by the Constitution. Even President Obama himself has admitted over 20-times that this executive action exceeds constitutional authority. Furthermore, as the White House has rightly pointed out, executive amnesty has been tried in the past and that it is even being discussed again is proof positive that it is a failed policy. Repeating a past mistake will only make things worse and will destroy any progress Congress has made toward real immigration reform.

However, despite the president’s unilateral actions, Congress will continue working and utilizing the many tools in the Constitution to attempt to stop the President from acting alone. We will continue funding the government, but we will not let the President get away with this unconstitutional action.

The President knows he is not authorized to take action and it is my hope he will execute our laws faithfully and have an honest forward-thinking debate about this important issue. It is time for the President to stop repeating past mistakes, listen to the American people, and join Congress in solving problems.”



“I am deeply concerned about the President offering amnesty to millions of individuals who have entered the country illegally. The President is aware that he is overstepping his bounds – and has explained at least 22 times that he does not have the authority to unilaterally alter immigration laws. I oppose President Obama’s plan to act alone on an issue of such importance. The President is choosing to allow 5 million people to jump the line in front of those who have followed the rules and are waiting to come to our country legally. This irresponsible decision encourages and incentivizes illegal activity – it will increase the number of people illegally entering the United States, while making it more difficult for Congress to address the problems of our immigration system.

President Obama declared his policies were under referendum on Election Day. He was correct, and on November 4, the American people voted to take our country in a different direction.”



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