Mother says space heater caused fatal fire

An 18-year old girl is dead after the house she and her mother shared caught on fire Thursday morning.

Firefighters fought flames for more than 9 hours near SW 8th and Clay in Topeka. The mother tells us the fire that killed her daughter and destroyed everything she owned was caused by a single space heater.

Topeka fire Marshal Michael Martin spent most of Thursday at the fire which killed 18-year old Morgan Duncan. It’s a reminder, he says, for Topekans to take every fire precaution.

“We want everybody to make sure that they take every, every, every opportunity to be safe,” says Martin.

Every year, more space heather fires.

“Space heaters are designed to be used short term to heat up a room, and then be turned off. They’re not designed to be constantly run,” says Martin.

Though it may seem redundant year after year to know your space heater facts., winter is where the number of house fires is the highest.

And space heater fires? Two in Topeka just this week.

Morgan’s  mother got out of the house, but is without a daughter, home and car. Her mother says it happened because of a space heater.

And as Topeka keeps the mom in their prayers, the Topeka Fire Department reiterates how important it is to know your space heater unit.

“Make sure that you have one that’s well tested that’s in good shape, inspect the chord. Make sure there are no defects in the chord that the wires aren’t frayed,” says Martin.

They also suggest that the space heater is not attached to an extension chord and that it’s three feet away from anything.

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