A granddaughters present

LAWRENCE (KSNT) – Jay Hines is a World War II veteran. But when family, friends, and community members came to honor him on Tuesday night, it wasn’t for his service, but rather, his talent.

“I always knew that I could draw…So when I reached retirement age, I thought I’d give it a try,” says Himes.

So in his 60’s Jay became an art student. For two decades, he painted. In his paintings he often reflected on his time in Kansas and the military. His artistic abilities inspired his family, including his granddaughter, Morgan, who arranged the special Tuesday night.

“He turned 90 here in November. So I thought that it would be an awesome way to just celebrate him and have his works displayed here,” says Morgan Himes.

So, at 90, Jay had his first art exhibit at Pachamama’s in Lawrence.

“My granddaughter, Morgan, must be some kind of a promoter, because she made this all possible. And so here I am surrounded by all these paintings and I never expected it,” says Jay.

“I’m really happy that we get to celebrate grandpa,” says Morgan.

Jay says Tuesday was a special night for him to reflect on his art career. He says he no longer paints due to his limited mobility. Though he still has a passion for art, he says at 90 years old he hopes to spend most of his free time reading.

If you want to see Jay’s work, you can find dozens of his paintings at the Pachamama’s until the end of December.

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