Ft. Riley soldiers and families celebrate early Thanksgiving

Soldiers at Ft. Riley enjoy annual Thanksgiving dinner. Nov. 25, 2014.

FORT RILEY (KSNT) – It was a day of thanks at Ft. Riley.

Soldiers and families enjoyed a holiday meal with a message.

Leaders across the first infantry division and Fort Riley showed their gratitude to the soldiers and their family, in a themed meal of “The History of the Army Profession.”

Lt. Col. Rich Martin said, “We tried to, in our theme here at the Demon Dinner, was to tie elements of our past to Fort Riley with the frontier posts and also back to the colonial period and tie that back into the modern soldier today. ”

The most visible sign of that evolution, cakes. Cakes shaped and decorated in the shoulder patches of the various units which have been stationed at the base.

“Everybody’s been putting in the extra effort to try and really step up and show that even though we don’t have as any people we can maintain a standard for what Demon Dinner stands for,” says Corey Fantozzi.

A standard that had some of these soldiers working nearly 36 hours to make the meal happen.

“They’ve literally been up all night,they we’re here yesterday morning at this time, they’re on 24 hours many with no sleep, because it just means that much to them,” says Martin.

Fantozzi says, “There are a lot of soldiers who come in here that can’t be at home with their families. So when they come in and enjoy a nice meal here, it kind of gives that warm feeling of being back home.”

In a separate room, a dinner service and statue honoring the fall. But the main message Fantozzi says is to “Come together on Thanksgiving and not just as soldiers but as family.”



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