Local community prays for peace in Ferguson

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Across Kansas, and here in the capital city tonight, there have been protests of support for the family of Michael Brown.

This comes just one night after a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who shot him – those protesters are crying for change.

More than one-hundred people listened on the front steps of the St. John AME Church in Topeka about the events occurring in Ferguson…events that can happen here.

“We believe that protest are important and we need to protest when things are not right, ” said Jim Mccullough, executive Director of the Topeka Peace and Justice Center.

“We plan on doing a march from the home of Michael Brown in Ferguson to the home of the governor in Jefferson City. Its 120 miles approximately over seven days,” said Carlton Scroggins, President of the Topeka NAACP chapter.

Many who live in northeast Kansas are saying – enough is enough.

“A boy is dead. Someone needs to be accountable for that,” said Candace Lockhart, Washburn Student.

Lockhart says it’s a re-play of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s — and Ferguson has become a war zone.

“If anybody who watched any channel they saw those armored vehicles that are what we are up against now. It doesn’t take an army of people but peaceful protest and the fight cannot be one by destroying your own neighborhood,” said Lockhart.

Tuesday’s protests will not be the last you see in Topeka.

Washburn University’s Black Student Union plans to hold protest hosting all northeast Kansas’ universities after thanksgiving.

“We are going to have some people speak, Carlton Stroggins, our pastor. Have some prayer. This is going to show that we are going to stand together and we are not going to back down,” said Kwanequa Jones, VP of the Washburn Black Student Union.


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